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What is Hireify’s recruitment agency marketplace?

Hireify is your gateway to a network of top-performing recruitment agencies.   It takes the hassle out of finding, vetting, and working with specialist recruiters.  
All on one platform
Fill hard-to-fill openings
Hireify is the easiest way to widen your candidate search and discover off-market talent via specialist recruiters.
Hire faster
You'll receive quality candidates for your review within days, if not hours.
Work with agencies more efficiently
Take the hassle out of managing agency recruiters. Say goodbye to juggling phone calls, emails, invoices, and contracts from multiple agencies.
Save on recruitment fees
Save up to 30% by setting the recruiter fee and having agencies compete to fill your jobs. Additionally, the Hireify platform is 100% free for employers!
No more unqualified candidates 
We screen all candidates submitted by Hireify recruiters to ensure you get quality candidates. As a result, 65% of the candidates we present go to the interview stage. 
Get new recruiters without new contracts
One contract gives you access to thousands of vetted recruiters. Free yourself from negotiating terms and executing agreements with multiple agencies.
Your hiring processes enforced
You can ensure all recruiters on Hireify follow your hiring process with our customizable workflows.

We have handpicked and vetted the top recruitment agencies in your industry, so you don’t have to.

Financial services
Information technology
“Hireify makes working with multiple recruiters a stress-free and positive experience. We always receive high-quality candidates quickly through the platform.”
Dan Rosati, Director of IT, Nestle

Fill your openings in just 4 simple steps.

Post your job
Post your job and set the fee you’d be willing to pay a recruiter (you only pay this if you hire).
Select agencies
We will handpick the agencies most likely to fill your openings, or you can choose the agencies yourself.
Review candidates
Using our platform, you can shortlist candidates, interact with agencies, and schedule interviews. Avoid endless calls and emails from recruiters and manage the entire third-party hiring process using our platform.
After a successful hire, we will invoice you the fee on the candidate’s start date and pass it on to the agency that filled your role.

Join more than 500 smart employers