Frequently asked questions

Working with Hireify is easy and rewarding. Here is how it works: Hireify has job orders from hundreds of employers. Recruiters can fill these jobs and earn a placement fee for each successful hire. You register for free, review jobs then start submitting candidates. Our clients hire candidates submitted by recruiters. If a candidate you have submitted into the platform is hired, you will receive a placement fee.

The average placement fee for jobs on Hireify is more than $10,000. The fee is displayed to recruiters next to each job requisition.

Before any opening goes live on our marketplace, it must be qualified by our account management team. We call the employer to get additional details on the position outside of the job description and confirm their commitment for timely feedback.

We do everything we can to maintain the quality of employers and openings on our marketplace.

To simplify payments for the client, we act as a master vendor. We invoice the client on the candidate's start date and we receive payment within 90 days. Payment is passed through to you upon receipt from client. You can choose to receive a check by mail or direct deposit to your bank account.

We provide a 90-day replacement guarantee to employers. The guarantee period may vary for certain employers. If our client fires your candidate or if your candidate leaves within 90 days, Hireify may replace that candidate at the client’s discretion. If you have already been paid the placement fee, and are unable to backfill the position, you will be required to return the fee paid within 5 business days.

You will retain ownership for the candidate you submitted for a job for 180 days from the date of submission. In other words, if you submitted a candidate on our platform to a client, and that client hires your candidate for any of their openings within the 180 day period, you will be eligible for a placement fee.

Candidates who directly applied to a job posted by an employer or has been in active discussions with the candidate during the past 180 days belong to the employer and will not be eligible for a placement fee.

The platform checks each candidate's name and email and will reject duplicate submissions for a job. Ownership is awarded to the agency that gets a candidate to confirm their submission first, not the agency that inputs the candidate's information first.

Absolutely! We make our money by retaining a portion of the fees paid to the agencies in exchange for providing them access to a wider range of jobs from top employers.

By using Hireify, you instantly extend your reach to find better candidates in less time by tapping in the largest network of specialist agencies. Traditional talent acquisition methods cannot give you the reach of a large community of recruiters.

You can also manage your talent acquisition processes efficiently by using Hireify as a centralized platform for all of your approved vendors.

No. The right set of recruiters and recruiting firms will work on your positions; Hireify’s technology and your account manager will filter all incoming submissions based on your exact specifications. You can also specify the number of candidates you want to see on a job and recruiter level.

Our AI is constantly tracking the success each agency is having recruiting candidates for specific job types. So, when your job is posted, Hireify analyzes the job details and uses that data to identify the top recruiters with the most success filling similar jobs, then routes your job to them.

Alternatively, you can manually choose which agencies you would like to work with in the marketplace.

This depends on the opening. Once you have uploaded your job, a notification email will be sent to relevant recruitment agencies that specialize in your industry. This breeds competition between agencies, who are motivated to submit their best candidates first. Therefore, you should see results more quickly, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

No, if you find a candidate on your own or if the position is cancelled for any reason, no fee is due to Hireify.

No, Hireify values your privacy and your contact information will not be accessible to recruiters nor candidates.

If you have been in an active two-way conversation with the candidate within the past 180 days, a fee would not be due for that candidate. This does not include one-way communication. This means that the Employer must show proof that the candidate has responded to their outreach and shown active interest.

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