Hiring Marketplace Built for MSP/VMS Programs

Engage thousands of vetted staffing suppliers with one point of contact while reducing hiring spend.

What is Hireify?

Hireify is a hiring marketplace that enables you to exponentially scale staffing suppliers, improve hiring outcomes, and reduce the administrative burdens of overseeing a contingent workforce program. Hireify plugs directly into your existing MSP/VMS program.

Why Hireify?


Access a diverse set of vetted suppliers

Our supplier network consists of over a thousand motivated suppliers specializing in every skill, niche and geography in the US, Canada, Europe and India. Hireify provides immediate access to more talent pools, better coverage and higher-quality candidates so you can quickly fill your open positions.


Improve cost transparency and reduce hiring spend

Hireify fosters fair and transparent competition amongst suppliers, ensuring you receive the best candidates at the best rates. We also use data from previous hires to identify rate optimization opportunites. The end result is that you save money on your hires and you can rest assure you’re paying fair market rates.


Improve candidate quality with 2 levels of screening

Our Talent Curation team screens candidates submitted by suppliers prior to presenting them to you, saving your team time and reducing your time-to-hire significantly.


Test out new suppliers without the onboarding burden

Tired of adding suppliers that make a good first impression, but fail to perform?   Now you can test out new suppliers you are considering by having them join our marketplace without the onboarding costs and headaches. 


Scale hiring

Hireify lets you scale your hiring as needed by having access to over a thousand suppliers while maintaining one point of contact and one contract.


Mitigate co-employment, insurance, and compliance risk

We take care of payroll, statutory requirements, workers comp insurance, business insurance, and employee benefits for all hires by becoming the Employer of Record (EOR)

How it works?


We are onboarded in your program as a supplier.


As jobs are entered into your existing VMS, Hireify simultaneously matches and distributes the job order to the suppliers in our marketplace that have proven success in the domains and geographies for your opening.


Submissions are personally reviewed by our internal Talent Curation team.


Your team and hiring managers receive a highly curated shortlist of qualified candidates directly in your VMS that are ready to interview and available for hire.


Once a hiring selection is made, we handle all offers, onboarding, compliance, and payroll.

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